This isn’t a full catalogue (who has time for that?) – just some recent and/or relevant examples.

Must Farm (for Cambridge Archeological Unit)

Identity, site scope & structure, design

Tomb Treasures of Han China (for the Fitwilliam Museum)

Site structure and design

The Print Studio (artist's printmakers)

Site scoping (including ecommerce), structure and design

Jesus College, Cambridge

Site scoping, structure and design

Carbon Orange (design agency)

Web scoping, design and build

Mongoose Gray (recruitment agency)

Brand identity, web design, animation and build

cellXica (radio equipment)

Web structure, design and build

Mia Bazo (travel technology)

Web structure & scoping, html build, css animation

Warm Blue Digital (LinkedIn expert)

Web structure, design development and build

Squiggle Social (social media consultancy)

Web scoping, design and build

Little Gems by Mel (jewellery maker)

Web structure, design and build

CMR Focus and Growth

Brand identity and website

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