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Tomb Treasures of Han China (Fitzwilliam Museum)

Site structure, virtual tour concepting and design


Tomb Treasures of Han China home page
Tomb Treasures of Han China virtual tour
Tomb Treasures of Han China content page example


The Tomb Treasures of Han China exhibition was a flagship exhibition for The Fitzwilliam Museum, featuring a unique collection of 2,000 year old ‘treasures’ from Imperial Chinese tombs.

The museum wanted a bespoke, WordPress-driven site to create a stir and get prospective visitors excited.

They supplied me with some gorgeous photos as well detailed information on why these kind of tombs were created, how they were structured and what each artefact meant. 



  • A big part of the project was working out how to bring the exhibition to life and immerse visitors in the world of the tombs.
  • I worked closely with the in-house team to structure the content, and designed each page individually. Then I collaborated with a developer on the build.
  • One of the key features was a virtual tour, mimicking the layout of the exhibition itself.
  • The site also included useful museum information like opening times, ticket prices and details on talks and supporting events.

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