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Tennis by Nature is a tennis coaching operation run by Gary Markham.

When Gary approached me his business was just starting up. He had a name and an idea about a logo, but no branding, online presence or collateral. He was really keen to be advertising and needed a place to start from.


Content and structure

  • I started by researching other coaches. Then I put together an idea of the kind of content we would need. Then I asked Gary lots of questions to pull all the information together, before writing the site.
  • The process also gave me a strong understanding of what Gary is about: kind, inclusive, wanting to ensure his coaching is open to everyone and ultimately fun. And that helped with branding and design.

Branding, site design, support collateral

  • We needed to appeal to a whole age range of audiences,  feel sporty, friendly and inclusive, and not look over-designed (overkill).
  • Gary takes a lot of videos so we included those to bring everything to life. He offers a range of coaching, and each of those areas got an icon or a core image to represent them.
  • Alongside a website, I put together a suite of additional collateral – business cards, flyers, print ads – to help him promote his business offline. And I took him through the process of setting up domain names, webspace and email accounts.

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