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Andrea Constable is a social media consultant operating under the name Squiggle Social.

Andrea’s very creative. She needed a site that would demonstrate to her growing client base not just what she does, but how she does it.


Andrea already had a logo and series of images she’d created in Canva. Those became the starting point for the design. I focused on colours and shapes she tended to gravitate towards. Our inital conversations inspired the tagline “Helping you grow on social media and helping social media grow on you” and new graphical elements were created that had an organic feel to support that line.

I helped her hone how best to categorise and describe each of her services and then made handdrawn icons for them. I also emphasised that including case studies, testimonials and a nice strong call to action was important and developed appropriate layouts and designs for those.

Andrea wanted to include a blog, so together we consolidated initial blog ideas. I found some lovely open-source graphics to support an ongoing series of articles.

The site is built on Lead Pages as Andrea already had space there and it made sense not to move it.


Susie’s like a lighthouse. I always feel like I’m crashing on rocks when it comes to anything to do with websites and she guides me through it all and brings everything together.

Andrea Constable, Squiggle Social

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