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Peter Harrison makes really beautiful hand-crafted furniture and kitchens.

His site was on a web-builder platform that was going into retirement, and he needed a new site creating. He was already aware of Squarespace, and he really just needed a coherent way to show off the quality of his work in a gallery format.


This was a classic case of “don’t reinvent the wheel”. I restructured his existing site into a clear format and then built a new one on Squarespace so it would be easy for him to update it.

One of the lovely aspects of his old site were all the descriptions of his work and his process. I wanted to keep that kind of detail, and also ensure each of his pieces was shown off to the highest possible quality. That meant quite a lot of image resizing and retouching.

Mia Bazo (travel technology)

Web structure & scoping, html build, css animation

Warm Blue Digital (LinkedIn expert)

Web structure, design development and build

Squiggle Social (social media consultancy)

Web scoping, design and build

Little Gems by Mel (jewellery maker)

Web structure, design and build

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