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Must Farm is considered one of the most important Bronze Age archaeological sites in Europe.

Located in the Fens, the site was underwater for centuries, leading to a unique level of preservation. The discoveries made at the site are quite incredible, and it’s providing a vast and ongoing amount of information about how people lived.

The Cambridge Archaeological Unit needed a dedicated website for Must Farm to :

1) explain the history and geology of the site, 2) act as a repository for the items found there and 3) discuss the archaeological process.


I created an identity using the physical shape of the dig site as a reference for the ‘M’ shape.

The website was then developed in two phases. The first phase explores the background to Must Farm and features a number of interactive elements to help bring the story to life, including a gallery of discoveries made early in the dig process.

The second phases goes into detail about what has been found at the site and the sigificance of those finds, as well as the archaeological process itself. It’s built like a blog (the whole site was built on WordPress) and includes a degree of video content. The dig has now ended but the site is still online to act as a catalogue for the project.

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The Print Studio (artist's printmakers)

Site scoping (including ecommerce), structure and design

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Carbon Orange (design agency)

Web scoping, design and build

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