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Must Farm (Cambridge Archeological Unit)

Identity, site scope & structure, design

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Must Farm is considered one of the most important Bronze Age archaeological sites in Europe.

The area was underwater for centuries, leading to a unique level of preservation and some amazing discoveries. The dig site has provided a vast amount of information about how people lived.


The Cambridge Archaeological Unit needed a dedicated website for Must Farm to :

  • explain the history and geology of the site,
  • act as a repository for the items found there, and
  • talk through the archaeological process.


Phase 1 – Tell the story of the Must Farm site

  • First we needed an identity (I used the physical shape of the dig site as an ‘M’, and earthy, heritage colours).
  • Then we needed to explain the background to the dig site and help website visitors explore what was found. Getting this right involved lots of in-depth conversations with the team and a visit to the dig site. I used interactive elements wherever I could.

Phase 2 – Tell the story of the Must Farm dig

  • The dig was challenging and included experts from all sorts of fields. We needed to catalogue not just what was found, but how; what those discoveries meant; and how the experts reached their conclusions.
  • The most logical way to do this was as in blog format – including plenty of photos, videos, in-depth articles and diary entries.

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