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Brand identity, web design, animation and build

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Mongoose Gray
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Mongoose Gray is an IT recruitment firm.

In a crowded market, the company does have a geniune point of difference. It’s operated by former IT specialists who, because of their experience, have a deep understanding not just of the roles being recruited for, but also – crucially – the inherent pain in the typical recruitment process.


In rebranding Mongoose Gray, I really wanted to stress that human aspect by injecting personality, warmth and a little humour.

Using an interpretation of a mongoose gave us a character, and I supplemented that with elements from board games (snakes and ladders – career progress/ career pitfalls; jigsaw puzzles – finding the right person to slot into your organisation). Whilst I tweaked the copy, there was some existing copy to work with, including a line about magic. That gave me the rabbit in the hat.

The end result is a to-the-point one page website featuring lots of animation (the main one on the homepage is here), with branding that was extended across social channels.

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