Mia Bazo (website)

Web structure and scoping, html build, css animation

Mia Bazo
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Mia Bazo provide travel travel tracking, visa and tax compliance tools for frequent travellers.

It’s quite a niche suite of software, and their existing website needed developing to help explain everything more clearly. At the same time, the company went through a brand development process and the site needed to reflect that too.


Collaborating closely both with the Mia Bazo team and their design agency, Carbon Orange, we restructured and re-designed the website to present some quite complex information as easily as possible, using lots of concertinas, tooltips, and some css animation.

Keeping the site as ‘light’ as possible (in terms of file size) was critical to help it rank well with search engines, which for me meant finding optimal ways to build it.

We also thoroughly reviewed, restructured and re-designed the screens users go through to get started with the software.

The site is built in raw html and then brought into ASP by Mia Bazo’s development team.

Carbon Orange (design agency)

Web scoping, design and build

Mongoose Gray (recruitment agency)

Brand identity, web design, animation and build

cellXica (radio equipment)

Web structure, design and build

Warm Blue Digital (LinkedIn expert)

Web structure, design development and build

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