I’ve done

Mia Bazo (launch campaign)

Collaborating on concepts, design, animation, html email build


Golden Gate campaign image
Reduce Carbon Footprint campaign image
Frequent traveller services image
Follow up email


Mia Bazo develop technology for frequent travellers. The software helps with everything from noting your time in specific tax jurisdictions to keeping track of where in the world your team members are.

To help get the message out there, the company put together a team to create a paid and organic campaign across Google and social media.


I collaborated on concepts with the team, both visually working up existing ones and brainstorming new ones. The concepts were then realised using photos taking by Mia Bazo (rather than relying on stock) and then developed into a variety of formats to work across all channels. 

What’s shown above are some core examples, along with an email I custom coded which was sent out a little later to promote a whitepaper the company had produced.

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