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Jesus College has both its own website and a separate one for its conferences and events business.

Both sites were badly out of date, difficult to navigate, and needed to reflect the core college branding.


From a design point of view, this was quite a simple process. For the main site, it was really a case of examining printed collateral and ensuring the site tied together. For the conferences site, I partnered with an identity designer, and we worked together to match  his brand refresh to the website.

Where both projects were more complex was in the structure. The main website was huge and I spent a lot of time reviewing all the existing content to group pages into meaningful sections. The conferences site was smaller, but lacked a lot of useful information, like being able to see at a glance how many people each room could accomodate.

Both sites have changed since I worked on the project. But I wanted to include them as examples of working with complicated site structures.

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