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CMR focus and growth is run by Clare Morris, a business coach and mentor.

Clare has a very refreshing, kind and creative approach to working with her clients and she very much is her business. Her website was a little unclear in its messaging, and neither the site design nor her overall visual identity accurately reflected her personality or her values.


We worked together closely on redeveloping both the website content and structure and Clare’s brand.

If I can, I like to use elements that resonate with a client as a starting point. It helps with encapsulating what they’re about. Clare told me she’s always been drawn to kingfishers. A bird made sense, both because she’s interested in nature and because she essentially flies in to fix things. The bird-logo went through a number of iterations before letters were added to its plumage to spell out CMR. The bird acts as a motif around the site, with a gentle bit of flying in to draw the eye.

We also needed a suite of icons and support graphics, both for the website and for her social channels. The point was to make them relevant, but fun.  So a burger with a cross through it represents Veganuary; for the ‘Add-ons’ section of the website we used another burger with some fries (‘would you like fries with that’). There’s a pinata for events, and a bee to represent work. Clare now has a whole toolkit to use on her channels, along with a site that more accurately represents her.

Carbon Orange (design agency)

Web scoping, design and build

cellXica (radio equipment)

Web structure, design and build

Mia Bazo (travel technology)

Web structure & scoping, html build, css animation

Warm Blue Digital (LinkedIn expert)

Web structure, design development and build

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