CMR Focus and Growth (business development)

Brand identity and website

Carbon Orange (design agency)

Web scoping, design and build

Tennis by Nature (tennis coaching)

Branding, content, design and promo material

cellXica (radio equipment)

Web structure, design and build

Mongoose Gray (recruitment agency)

Brand identity, web design, animation and build

Squiggle Social (social media consultancy)

Web scoping, design and build

Must Farm (Cambridge Archeological Unit)

Identity, site scope & structure, design

Tomb Treasures of Han China (for the Fitwilliam Museum)

Site structure and design

duration: 5m 08s


Theories on Acceptance

Animated talk for J Laurence Sarno


Marketing consultant J Laurence Sarno gave a talk at a ‘Drive’ networking session. Not only was it lovely but it also sounded so reminiscent of Baz Luhrmann’s Sunscreen that setting Laurence’s words to a soundtrack was irresistible.

In the meantime, Anne-Marie Miller of Carbon Orange ‘doodled’ his key thoughts and shared her graphic with the networking group and that suggested turning the whole thing into a motion graphic-based piece.


I spent a day editing Laurence’s words into bite size chunks and playing with GarageBand to create a soundtrack to set them to.  Then I edited Anne-Marie’s graphic into individual elements (the original is the last frame of the video) and added in new bits to create an animation to tie in with Laurence’s words.

duration: 22s


Then and Now

Product capability demo for Porotech


Porotech are a start-up developing next generation technology for MicroLEDs. They needed an animation to demonstrate the principle of what you can do with their products (in my very basic terms – “cycle through all colours in the spectrum rather than only being able to switch red, green or blue on and off”).  It was aimed at a highly technical audience and being run on their social media channels.


I was given a tight brief on the specifics of the layout and what needed to happen, but I wanted to add a little more of a story so put in the ‘Now’ and ‘Then’ titles and also included an end screen.

duration: 54s



Company demo for Paragraf


Paragraf develop technology using graphene – a 1 atom thick form of carbon with some amazing properties.

I worked with their design agency, Carbon Orange, on redeveloping their website. As part of the project they needed an animation for the site’s homepage and for standalone use at trade shows – something that would get people excited about both what they were currently developing, and what could be developed in future.


The brief was initially pretty broad so we started with a brain storming session where I asked them to take me through how graphene could be used.  What emerged were benefits covering everything from the environment to healthcare to space exploration.  Solar panels, car batteries, sepsis-detecting scanners and stars formed the basis of an animation – all built up using hexagons (the shape of graphene).  The timing was then tweaked slightly to work with a standalone version set to music.

duration: 2m50s


Battery Mapping

Product demonstration for Paragraf


Another Paragraf project – this one to demonstrate how their kit can be used to test whether and where batteries are failing.


I storyboarded out the animation first to ensure the messaging was correct whilst Carbon Orange created illustrations of the kit set up. Then I developed it to show currents passing through a battery whilst a screen shows erosion of the battery cells over time.

duration: 05m50s


The Monkey Who Wanted To Be A Bear

Just for fun


The Monkey Who Wanted To Be A Bear is a short story written by my husband, Matt Hilbert. It’s a daft little tale about a monkey who, er, wants to be a bear. For no reason other than – as the story explains – bears are cool. Matt gave me the story a few years ago as a purely creative project to work on, thinking it would be fun for me to illustrate it. When lockdown hit, I picked it up and turned it into an animation instead.


The house was an absolute mess whilst I was making this. Characters and props are made out of cardboard, balsa wood, bits of sponge, old paint, literal bugs, scraps of hessian, old t-shirts, painted transparent plastic… Each frame is an individual photograph taken within a two hour window when the light was best, cleaned up in Photoshop then stitched together in After Effects with typography animated over the top.

The voice is me doing my best ‘listen with Mother’, livened up with some sound effects I either found or created in GarageBand. The voiceover does need re-recording in an actual studio. But that’s a for a future time…

We put it out for feedback and got a lot of requests for the rest of the story. But as you can image, it took hundreds of hours, so watch this space. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy what we have so far.

duration: 58s


Snakes and Ladders

Introductory animation for Mongoose Gray


Mongoose Gray is a recruitment company with a point of pride of operating with absolute integrity. The name came from the fact that mongooses kill snakes. This animation was created as a header banner as part of an overall branding and website project.


This was a glorious pacing-the-floor-whilst-brainstorming-with-myself project. Mongooses … snakes … snakes and ladders. .. career ladders … board games … moving pieces … moving places. As you might gather, I found it really fun to do.

Mia Bazo campaign

Concept collaboration, design, animation, html email creation

Redgate - Ingeniously Simple

Curation, animation and origami for recruitment fair campaign

See You campaign

Video, print and Instagram collateral for song launch

Sam Hallam campaign

Video projections as part of a miscarriage of justice campaign

This is not just a wedding

Website, invite, and a daft concept

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