I do

I do

There’s quite a lot in my toolkit. The nice thing about that is that I can dovetail between different aspects of a project.

Every client is unique and so is every project

Whatever I work on, it’s really important that it’s appropriate for my clients – from the look & personality through to final delivery. I place a lot of emphasis on content – that’s the crucial starting point for any web, moving image or campaign project. What’s your story about? Great, let’s figure out the best way to tell it.

Here’s a little more detail:

Whatever I’m designing, getting the feel right right is a key part of my approach. Does this feel and look like you? And does it feel and look like your audience would expect it to?

For some projects I create brands from scratch. But I also play well with others. So on lots of projects, I collaborate with other designers, working with their branding or animating their illustrations. If there are very defined rules, I follow them closely. If there aren’t, I’ll riff on what’s already there to bring the brand to life as fully as I can.

Whether it’s revising an existing site or building something brand new, I help my clients work out how to present what they do as clearly, coherently and attractively as possible, in a way that works specifically for them.

I’m not locked into any one way of making or working on a site. It may need to be something bespoke, or be best on a CMS like WordPress or Squarespace. That’s why I always begin new website projects with scoping what’s going to be in it and what it will need to do – both now and in the future.

Sometimes a client may have no idea where to begin. I particularly love these kind of collaborative projects where together we work through what the pain points are – and then  develop a plan of action so you get what you need.

If you’re updating your site, or just getting started, I’ve animated a few tips on traps to avoid

How I work

There are a lot of steps to making a website, and I get involved with as many of them as I’m needed for. (If you’d like a copy of the graphic, click on it to download it.)
How I build a website graphic

Animation and motion graphics are fantastic ways to tell stories and communicate your vision. They’re also great for communicating the complex, letting you break things down piece by piece over time. That way, you essentially hold your viewer’s hand through what you’re trying to explain.

I love that animation lets you inject personality and emotion in a way that may be trickier in a more corporate video. You can be tongue-in-cheek or slightly warp reality. And because most of us were brought up with cartoons, we respond to the humour rather than seeing it as misplaced.

How I work

My approach with animation varies hugely depending on what the project is. But these steps give a good starting point. (If you’d like to download them, just click the image for a PDF version).

How I build animations graphic

My background is very much “marketing”. One of my first jobs was in sales promotion. Then I had a stint in advertising. Following a career-reset studying art, I spent about 10 years working in London agencies creating everything from banner ads for clients like Nintendo and Hitachi to mini promo sites for Vogue, funky online games for former ISP Tiscali, integrated campaigns for tech giant EMC and digital newsletters for Chevrolet.

I work for myself now, so there are less household names. But I use all that experience to develop campaign concepts and create collateral. That’s building html (and template builder) emails, landing pages, banner ads and additional collateral for websites, social media and display.

Whilst some campaigns are entirely solo projects, often I collaborate with social media experts, marketers, other designers and animators.

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