Hi, I’m Susie.
I help people market themselves online,

(& sometimes in the real actual physical world).


I design / make / do / work on …

from scoping out what the site needs to do, to helping develop the content, ensuring a coherent user experience, creating or developing the brand identity, designing and building

aka motion graphics, animations, product demos & videos

for digital marketing & social media including banner ads, html emails, landing pages, support videos (plus printed collateral)

It’s a lovely job.

Just want to see some work? Here are a few favourites.


Music video for Julie anne McCambridge

Theories on Acceptance

Motion graphics for J Laurence Sarno

Then and Now

Product demo for Porotech

Tomb Treasures of Han China (for the Fitwilliam Museum)

Site structure and design

Take a look at more of what I’ve done >

Fancy a chat?

I’m always very happy to talk through projects.
Please just pop a message in this handy form, come and say hello on Linked or book a chat.