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Statue detail from Tomb Treasures of Han China exhibition

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The Tomb Treasures of Han China exhibition

(full title "The Search For Immortality: Tomb Treasures of Han China") was the first of its kind in the UK – a unique collection of 2,000 year old treasures from Imperial Chinese tombs. 

It was a flagship exhibition for The Fitzwilliam Museum

and a part of the cultural olympiad, so the museum wanted a bespoke site to show the exhibition off and get prospective visitors excited.

The site included a jquery-based virtual exhibition, integrated wiht the Museum's events database, and was built on WordPress. It was made into a self-contained site once the exhibition closed.

Exhbition Virtual Tour example 1

virtual tour 

Exhbition Virtual Tour example 2

virtual tour

The virtual tour part of the site

mirrored the exhibition itself, in that it was structured to reflect the layout of a typical imperial tomb. Visitors navigate around a sequence of areas or rooms, exploring items that would have been associated with them.

Han China content page 1

Han Empire

Han China content page 2

the Royal Tombs

Other content included a detailed look at the Han Dynasty,

as well as background about the specific tombs where much of the exhibits were found.

There was also a schedule of events, visitor information, a blog to accompany the exhibition, and a small online shop.

Han events page

exhibition events

Han Visitor information

visitor information

Han exhibition shop

exhibition shop

Han exhibition blog

exhibition blog

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