Fighting Injustice

Sam Hallam projection screen saying he wasn't there

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Sam Hallam projections

In 2004 Sam Hallam was imprisoned for murder. 

Two rival groups of kids had met up on the street one night, culminating in the awful, tragic death of one of them. The evidence that Sam was not only innocent of the murder, but also not even present at the scene was so overwhelming that it sparked a highly coordinated campaign to have his case re-examined by the Court of Appeal.

Sam was a Hoxton boy

– an area that's split into council estates and the highly trendy. We decided to present his story to the hipper side of the area, projecting onto the street and buildings, handing out leaflets, and talking to anyone who would listen. 

I roped in established video projection artists 

to help with the technical side of things, whilst also creating the graphics we projected.

Sam Hallam projections

The projections were a small part of a campaign

that also included benefit gigs, a play specifically written about his case, a documentary by Ray Winstone, and countless fundraising exercises.

In 2012 Sam's case made it back to the Court of Appeal

and his conviction was overturned. The judge specifically referred to the power of the campaign in helping his case being reviewed. It remains something I'm really proud to have been involved with.

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