Making Fingers Tap

Video still showing a painted hand

Video Direction & Production; Site Design; Additional Collateral


Happiness is a track about longing and loss 

taken from Julie anne McCambridge’s album, Nature Makes Amazing Shapes. The album title really shouted that nature needed to feature in the video. But this is England, and it rained. Our original idea (which I won’t tell you here because we may still do it) had to be adapted into the version shown here.

Julie anne’s hand dancing

was choreographed to be – variously – sensual, frustrated, funny, and at one point deliberately out of synch with the music. It includes a chorus section spelling out the words being sung in american sign language.

The hand painting (reminiscent of a wedding henna tattoo going out of control) was done for us in real time by illustrator Anastasiya Rudaya. 

Julie anne McCambridge website homepage screen shot


about page screenshot


music page screenshot


gallery page screenshot


A simple website

(above) accompanies the video, along with a mailer including a CD and booklet (below)

CD booklet cover

CD booklet cover

CD booklet interior

CD booklet interior

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